Professor Levy-Pounds Convening on Racial Equity

Professor Nekima Levy-Pounds was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Haas Institute’s conference “Convening on Racial Equity” that took place on August 5th at University of Minnesota’s McNamara alumni center. Below is a video snippet of Professor Levy-Pounds’ speech, which ended with astounding applause. The message was clear and concise and left you with a feeling of unity and inspiration that we must do better on the issue of racing equity to make our community a better place for all.


The Government Alliance on Race and Equity is a national network of government working to achieve racial equity and advance opportunities for all.

When government takes the following actions, significant leverage and expansion opportunities emerge, setting the stage for the achievement of racial equity in our communities.

  • Makes a commitment to achieving racial equity.
  • Focuses on the power and influence of their own institutions, and
  • Works in partnership with others

Event moderators included,  john powell, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society Executive Director, and Julie Nelson, Government Alliance on Race and Equity Director, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, St, Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and Metropolitan Council Chair, Sue Haigh.


The evening featured a masterful performance of “Breaking Ice” by the Pillsbury House Theater.


We support a cohort of jurisdictions that are at the forefront of work to achieve racial equity.
A few jurisdictions have already done substantive work and are poised to be a model for others. Supporting a targeted cohort of jurisdictions and providing best practices, tools, and resources is helping to build and sustain current efforts and build a national movement for racial equity. We will add more jurisdictions on a rolling basis.

We develop a “pathway for entry” into racial equity work for new jurisdictions from across the country.
Many jurisdictions lack the leadership and/or infrastructure to address issues of racial inequity. Using the learning and resources from the cohort creates pathways for increased engagement and expansion of the Alliance.

We support and build local and regional collaborations that are broadly inclusive and focused on achieving racial equity.

To eliminate racial inequities in our communities, developing a “collective impact” approach firmly grounded in inclusion and equity is necessary. Government can play a key role in collaborations for achieving racial equity, centering community, and leveraging institutional partnerships. Through the regional networks, we create access to a peer network for all government leaders in the United States working on racial equity.