#Ferguson protesters and community leaders “call to action” on this day of Thanksgiving

A statement from Nekima Levy-Pounds from Ferguson, Missouri

Civil rights attorney and social justice expert, Nekima Levy-Pounds communicated a call to action from community leaders and protesters during her interview Tuesday morning on Renada Romain’s Ear Candy Morning show on Sirius XM44.

A Statement from Nekima Levy-Pounds: i am mike brown

“In the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, we must resolve as a people to create positive change. We can start by using our buying power. We must transform our emotions and energy into an economic strategy for change. Protesters and community leaders “call to action”: Boycott all retailers on the biggest shopping day of the year #BlackFriday. It worked with the bus boycotts in the 1950s. Why not now? With your support, #boycottblackfriday will disrupt the economy and undoubtedly demonstrate that #blacklivesmatter. 10451683_227631384074158_3837728772435593932_n

Nekima’s statement yesterday posted to Facebook from #Ferguson . . . “Friends, I am here in #Ferguson serving as a Legal Observer with the National Lawyers Guild, along with dozens of lawyers and law students from around the country. I am in awe by the courage, tenacity, and truth-telling of these young people who have come out night after night to protest a grave injustice. They are facing military occupation, military weapons, police over-reactions to protests and chemical weapons. We were tear-gassed last night. These protesters are answering the call for justice and attempting to hold the powers that be accountable. Please pray for the people of Ferguson and those on the front lines fighting for our freedom. #handsupdontshoot #boycottblackfriday”

This is just a start…working together as a people will bring change… this is a movement of the people to eliminate #policebrutality, #racialinjustice and the deliberate killing of black men… #boycottblackfriday shows solidarity on the biggest retail shopping day of the year and #breaktheinternet.”

More information is available at: http://nekimalevypounds.com


Thank you to supporters from around the world.


Protests Across the Nation



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