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“As we all know, the demographics in the United States are changing rapidly and in order for us to understand how to address deeply entrenched issues of race, class and social justice, we must have open, honest dialogue about these issues.  On Real Talk, we will go where others won’t . . . straight to the heart of key issues.”~Nekima Levy-Pounds, Esq.

#RealTalk with Nekima Levy-Pounds is available on iTunes and on iHeartRadio’s Twin Cities News Talk podcast network.

Episode 12 | Criminal Justice Reform Now with special guests Jason Sole, author of “From Prison to Phd” and ACLU’s Legal Director Teresa Nelson

On today’s episode of Real Talk, I go in deep on the issue of criminal justice reform, the repeal of lurking & spitting ordinances, & city council prez, Barb Johnson’s opposition. My guests include Professor Jason Sole, author of “From Prison to PhD”, and Teresa Nelson, Legal Director of the ACLU of Minnesota.

Episode 11 | Does Media Have A Double Standard on Race? with special guests University of St. Thomas Law School Professor and former prosecutor, Mark Osler and community organizer Michael Lovegood, Senior Consulting Associate at The Morten Group and community organizer

On this week’s episode of Real Talk, we explore whether media bias plays a role in how crime gets reported and whether crimes committed by whites are treated differently in the media than crimes committed by people of color. My special guests include Professor Mark Osler, criminal law professor at the University of St. Thomas Law School and Michaela Lovegood, Senior Consulting Associate at The Morten Group.  Join the conversation.

Episode 10 | March 25, 2015 #RealTalk #EducationReform

Posted Wednesday, March 25th 2015 @ 12pm
On today’s episode of #RealTalk, education expert Chris Stewart and I went in on the challenging landscape in Minnesota and nationally in tackling issues of race and white privilege head-on in public education debates. We discuss Governor Dayton’s proposal to fund universal pre-K in Minnesota, a controversial voucher initiative from MinneMinds, and the need for people of color to have a seat at tables of power, currently occupied by the elite. Warning: We were not #MinnesotaNice during this convo. Tune in Now!

Episode 9 | March 14, 2015 #RealTalk #BlackLivesMatter #MOA11

Posted Saturday, March 14th 2015 @ 5pm
Today’s powerful episode of #RealTalk features leaders of the Minneapolis #BlackLivesMatter. My guests include Pastor Danny Givens, Jie Wronsky Riley, & Mike McDowell. We discuss the first court appearance for the #MOA11, racially-biased policing, young people’s involvement in the movement, & a recent trip that many of us took to Selma, Alabama to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday. Our convo was deep, eye-opening, & provocative. Tune in Now!

#RealTalkBHM LIVE Black History Month Edition

Posted Wednesday, February 25th 2015 @ 11am  This week’s Real Talk is a re-broadcast of my February 20th live show #RealTalkBHM, honoring Black History Month, in a groundbreaking conversation on race, education, stereotyping, policing, and the Black Live Matter Movement. My in-studio guests were young people who are being affected by these issues, teachers, activists, and those seeking truth about the undercurrents of race and racism flowing throughout our society. Tuning in were students and teachers from around the country via Live Stream. The conversation was candid, designed to model how to have deep, effective conversations about race from the classroom to the streets.

Episode 8 | February 19, 2015  #RealTalk – White Privilege and Institutional Racism

Today’s episode of #Real Talk was cutting-edge and timely. Topic: Unpacking white privilege and institutional racism. My in-studio guest is thought leader, educator, and blogger Mike Spangenberg. Mike spoke candidly and boldly on challenging white privilege from his perspective as a white man and teacher who has worked with students of color. We also spoke about how white folks can become more effective allies in building bridges with people of color.

Episode 7 | February 11, 2015

Today’s episode of #RealTalk was explosive. The topic: “Has the Democratic Party earned the black vote?” My guests include Hollies Winston, Kafhani Nkrumah, Chris Stewart, & Trahern Crews, all brothers with deep opinions on this hot-button, timely issue. We discuss whether Democrats have our best interests in mind, whether it’s time to jump ship, join a different party, or form a new political party in light of the challenges we face. Regardless of where you stand politically, prepare to be challenged & enlightened. Tune in Now!

Episode 6 | February 6, 2015

On this week’s episode of #RealTalk, I go in deep with Anthony Newby, Executive Director of Neighborhood’s Organizing for Change (NOC) about biased policing in Minneapolis, racial profiling, housing inequities, and shaking up our political system. We even reference Tupac and the Tea Party. This was a powerful conversation that you won’t want to miss. Tune in Now!

Episode 5 | January 27, 2015

On this week’s #RealTalk, my special guest is DeRay McKesson, one of the main organizers of the #BlackLivesMatter movement that began in #Ferguson, Missouri. @deray discusses his role in the movement, his childhood in Baltimore, black consciousness, and the impacts of police aggression on protesters and the black community. It’s a powerful conversation that you won’t want to miss. Tune in now!

#RealTalk LIVE . . .Martin Luther King, Jr. Edition | January 19, 2015

Real Talk LIVE Monday, January 19th streamed live from the iHeartRadio performance theater in the Twin Cities, celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with special guests Mark Osler, former prosecutor and professor of Law at University of St Thomas and Twin Cities radio personality Lissa Jones. Real Talk with Nekima Levy-Pounds is a weekly podcast that goes deep into provocative, thoughtful and real conversation on race, social and criminal justice issues.

Episode 4 | January 7, 2015

On this new edition of Real Talk, Nekima goes in deep with four young Black men about their experiences with police, racism, the criminal justice system, and the effects of being in survival mode. They keep it real about why kids join gangs and whether “snitching” is allowed in the hood. This is a candid conversation you don’t want to miss!

Episode 3 | December 31, 2014

Today’s Real Talk episode features a timely conversation about ace, police/community relations and the criminal justice system in the U.S. & Minnesota featuring Dr. Nancy Heitzeg, Prof. at St. Catherine’s University, co-founder of Coalition for Critical Change, scholar, and activist. We will have a no-holds barred conversation that you won’t want to miss.

Episode 2 | December 23, 2014

We Can’t Breathe: What Shooting Deaths of Unarmed Black Men say About Our Justice System. On this week’s podcast we address the impacts of mass incarceration and the war on drugs on communities of color and how this leads to negative encounters with law enforcement. Special guests include spoken word artist & attorney, Ashley Oliver, and young organizers of Black Lives Matter- Minneapolis, Adja Gilderseleve & Mike McDowell to discuss activism of young people in today’s Civil Rights Movement. Please listen and share.

 Episode 1 | December 17, 2014

On this inaugural episode of Real Talk, Nekima covers the resignation of Minneapolis School Superintendent Dr. Bernadeia Johnson, and talks to a former member of the Minneapolis School Board about Johnson’s tenure. Please listen and share!

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