Podcast | Episode 8 | #RealTalk – White Priviledge and Institutional Racism

Real Talk – White Privilege and Institutional Racism

Today’s episode of #Real Talk was cutting-edge and timely. Topic: Unpacking white privilege and institutional racism. My in-studio guest is thought leader, educator, and blogger Mike Spangenberg. Mike spoke candidly and boldly on challenging white privilege from his perspective as a white man and teacher who has worked with students of color. We also spoke about how white folks can become more effective allies in building bridges with people of color.

Mike’s most recent blog post, ‘About that Miracle‘ was featured by Kare 11′ their coverage of the controversial Atlantic article entitled ‘Minneapolis Miracle.’ This is a powerful conversation that will enlighten those who are trying to find their roles in combating racial injustice and inequity, as well as challenging the status quo.

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